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Kansas City Commercial Plumbing Project: Swope Health

Another plumbing project is nearing completion! Having recently featured the projects with the Laundromat and the Iron District, it truly is amazing to see vacant lots or buildings transformed into fully-operating businesses. If you enjoy reading these types of blogs, feel free to let us know in the comments and we’ll include more in the future. 

A major motivation behind starting up this blog last year involved not only providing our clients with an inside view of other projects we’re working on around town, but also giving out real advice that can help homeowners save money. We know plumbing problems can be frustrating and having to call a plumber to come out can throw off your daily routine. While we’re always more than happy to resolve any and all plumbing issues, taking a proactive approach as a homeowner will provide more benefits than you can imagine. Having said all of that, we will make sure to continue to toss out some of our best tips for residential plumbing 101.

However, this week, we will be heading back to the theme of the complete evolution of a plumbing project. This job, in particular, took place in Kansas City, KS and will be housing the new Swope Health facility. Let’s rewind the clock back a few months and take a look how this once vacant building was torn apart and turned into a health facility!

Demo complete and time for prep work!

The photos to the top and bottom here are from late-October. This building had nearly everything demo’d out and hauled to the dumpster outside. As with any commercial construction project, they all start with some prep work! With the blueprints in hand, Craig and Matt arrived on-site and immediately started lining everything out. These early stages are critical to ensure there’s no hiccups popping up later on. The sketched out lines would reveal where the saw cuts would be made and allow our team to lay all of the underground piping.

With the saw cuts taken care of, it’s time to finish up some remaining digging and start getting all of the pipe laid.

As seen on our YouTube channel HERE, we brought out the video camera for phase #2. With all of the saw cuts complete, it’s slowly starting to resemble a functioning business! Craig and Matt were back on-site with the mini-excavator doing some minor digging before it would be time to lay any pipe.

Piping, backfilling and getting ready for some concrete!

With all of the excavating complete, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff! Simply put, at this stage, there was quite a bit going on at the soon-to-be Swope Health facility. Shawn and Kendall were on-site getting all of the underground plumbing piping laid, as well as getting the backfill complete right on top of it! With the remaining stages starting to get laid out on the calendar, this project would be taking shape in a hurry!

Given that we love to keep our customers in the loop on everything going on at Stine-Nichols HQ, we brought the video camera back out to Swope for stage #3. Some pictures of this phase are included in the collage below, but for those wanting to see some live action, check out our jobsite video HERE.

The rough-in commences. 

With all the metal framing now installed, we needed to bring in a little extra manpower for a few days to keep this project moving! Working alongside the electricians and a few other contractors, it was now time to get the rough-in underway. One of our commercial crews was busy getting the pipes installed in the walls and ceiling that will eventually lead to plumbing fixtures. Given that this was a decent sized building, kudos to all of them for getting this site roughed-in quickly! Once the rough-in is complete, it will be time to get sheetrock installed and then install all of the various fixtures!

Sheetrock going up as rough-in nears completion.

In the same week that the pictures from above were taken, we had some more company enter the mix at Swope Health. Our team had roughed-in everything in the back half of the building and it was ready for sheetrock. At this time, Kendall and Matt headed closer to the front and were getting a few of the minor details wrapped up. As you can see though, the sheetrock makes a world of a difference in the overall progress of this project! Once complete, we’ll be setting fixtures, fixing up any loose-ends and finishing any other remaining detail items.

The finish line is in sight!

We often say this with nearly every commercial project; once the sheetrock is installed, everything will start moving very quickly! And the Swope Health job is no different! Not long after the sheetrocking was complete, the flooring started going down. Cabinets were installed and our team got the tankless water heater installed. With this clearly starting to resemble an office setting, Kendall and Matt were back on-site to steer this project towards the finish line. As seen in the final picture, Kendall was prepping one of the bathrooms for future fixtures.

Like what you see with the tankless water heaters? These have gradually become a favorite amongst Kansas City homeowners. While they do come at a higher price tag than their tank-style alternatives, it’s tough to turn down the many benefits they provide. Whether it be having twice the lifespan, being more energy-efficient or occupying a lot less space, we can see why they’ve become popular. Here at Stine-Nichols Plumbing, we install both traditional storage tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Both are great options and the best fit is going to depend on a few other factors, including household usage. To learn more about tankless technology, check out our blog HERE.

Want to see more?

We hope you enjoyed following along on the creation of Swope Health in Kansas City, KS! We truly do love what we do each and every day! Being able to see a vacant lot or building transformed into something functional is amazing. Thank you so much to all of the awesome contractors we had the opportunity to work with on this one! If you would like to see us feature more of these full-length project blogs here on our website, let us know in the comments!

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