The Making of a Laundromat

While the new year has been underway for nearly a month now, things have been rocking and rolling here at Stine-Nichols HQ. As we often say, plumbing involves a lot more than just installing toilets and cleaning out drains! Yes, that’s a major aspect of what we do, but at the same time, we’ve also been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work on some amazing commercial projects! From the creation of a brand new food court in North Kansas City to helping out in the construction of St. Pius X High School’s football field, 2019 truly was an exciting year for our team. 

As we start 2020, we just recently had a large commercial project wrap up! This one took part with the construction of a new laundromat shop in Kansas City, KS. For a project that started back in October, this was a fun one to see progress from start to finish. In this week’s blog post, we’ll rewind the clock a little bit and take a look at just what all goes into transforming a former tax service office into a laundromat ready for business. HINT: There’s quite a bit to it, but plumbing is included consistently throughout the process!

Would you like to see more “Before & After’s” in future blog posts? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to capture every step in the process! As plumbers, these are a blast for us to look back on, as you get to see how a vacant building gets turned into a functioning business!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how the newest laundromat in Kansas City, KS was built!

#1: Preparation and Saw Cuts!

This project started in the middle of this past fall. By the look of the building upon starting, it was clear some work would need to be done to transform this into an operable business. However, you can never doubt the power of some construction! Step #1 was to line out all of the saw cuts and excavation. In no time, you could quickly tell something was in the works. Remember our blog on the various innovations in the plumbing world? Check out the excavator in the picture below. Most of the operations were done from a remote control!

#2: Laying the Underground Piping

With the excavation stage complete, Bill and Brian arrived back on-site to get all of the underground piping laid. While it was certainly a complex layout, they stuck to the blueprints and before you knew it, this once-vacant lot was nearly ready for a big transformation.

#3: Backfilling and A Few More Saw-Cuts!

For step number three, we had a little bit more fun and brought the video camera out! Craig and Mike helped oversee the remaining saw cuts, as well as take care of the gravel backfill. All in all, this was a quick stage and it was now time to call in the concrete! 

Check out the video on our Facebook page HERE.

#4: Framing and Time for Drywall

Fast forward to mid-November and what a difference already! Concrete has been poured, the metal framing is up, our team roughed-in for the fixtures and the electricians were busy getting everything wired up! Next on the agenda would be dry-wall and then it’s a race to the finish line!

#5: Washing Machines, Water Heaters and More!

Once the drywall was installed, things started moving quickly! Shawn and Kendall would handle the bulk of the load in terms of the remaining plumbing work. Most of this work would begin in the mechanical room where they installed a couple of commercial-grade hot water heaters, as well as an extensive copper piping layout above. Kudos to them for their craftsmanship on this portion of the project!

A day after they wrapped the mechanical room, quite a few washing machines arrived on-site and it would be a packed house for the next couple of days! While the appliance crews were busy maneuvering the machines around and getting them installed, Shawn and Kendall continued to wrap up a few remaining items. Once all of the machines are in place, we’ll be back to install a few fixtures and call this one a wrap!

#6: Final Touch-Up’s

Right as 2019 came to a close, it was time to install some drinking fountains, bathroom fixtures and wrap everything up! As you can see in the photos below, all of the washing machines were now in place and polished off. The hot water heater was ready to roll and the new owners even had some TV’s hung from the ceiling! Shawn installed the drinking fountains, while Mike took care of the bathroom fixtures. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Another Commercial Project Completed!

We hope you enjoyed following along on the creation of this new laundromat in Kansas City, KS. Before the current owners purchased this building, it was actually a tax service office! All in all, this is another great example of how a little construction can quickly transform a vacant building and turn it into a space capable of being a functional business! 

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