Finding the Perfect Commercial Plumber!

Finding the Perfect Commercial Plumbing Company

This week on the blog, we’re going to switch gears and take a deeper look at commercial plumbing. For those familiar with Stine-Nichols Plumbing, you know that we strive to take care of nearly everything under the “complete plumbing spectrum.” That could mean anything from simply replacing a water heater for some Kansas City homeowners to working in a downtown high-rise building on a new office renovation. In both scenarios, the underlying logic holds true. The client, whether that be a construction company, business or a homeowner, is counting on us to provide reliable, affordable and long-lasting plumbing services.

Having been in the plumbing world for more than a few decades, it’s become apparent that there are particular things you’ll want to keep a close eye on before hiring a commercial plumber. Some of these might seem obvious, while others could be things you never considered before. Nonetheless, this week’s blog post is going to supply you with a commercial plumber checklist. We’ll walk you through the questions you should be asking to ensure your commercial project is taken care of with no plumbing hiccups! 

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For standard commercial buildings, the businesses owning them need a plumbing contractor that can get someone out there quickly (in some cases, on the same day in which the inquiry comes through)! If not handled in a timely manner, a water leak or any other plumbing issue could force them to temporarily close down part of the store, restaurant or office, thus potentially leading to unhappy customers and lost revenue. Our first trait of the “Perfect Commercial Plumber” is being responsive and having the ability to get a plumber on site as soon as possible.


When a plumbing issue pops up, it doesn’t always mean the business will want someone out there in the middle of the working day. After all, with a lot of plumbing repairs, you have to end up turning the water main off and this could be a problem for some business’s daily operations. In addition, take a more serious repair into consideration as well, where sawing or concrete cutting will be involved. I’m going to guess this could create a tough environment for all of your employees to stay focused on their work with all of that background noise!

When you look to establish a long-term working relationship with a plumbing company, make sure to ask early on for what their operating hours are. If you’re going to prefer someone that does their repairs after-hours, make that known. See if there’s any added fees for work performed outside of the listed hours. Trust us, there are plenty of plumbers willing to accommodate for various scheduling needs, Stine-Nichols included!

Hire Someone Close

Piggy backing off the two items mentioned above, you’re likely starting to realize how important timing is with commercial plumbing. Whether it be working around one’s daily operating schedule or getting same-day repairs, timing is of the essence. To add to this theme, you’re going to want to find someone relatively close. While we’d be happy to help anyone out, we also understand we might not be the perfect commercial plumber for a business out in Louisburg, Kansas. Simply put, it’s just a long commute for plumbers up north!

Furthermore, keep in mind that not all areas operate under the same codes. Hiring a local plumber that’s accustomed to your particular city will ensure everything is always taken care of correctly. In addition, be mindful of instances in which you’ll need to pull a permit. Make sure this won’t be an issue in the future!


As with any contractor you hire for a project, you’re going to want someone that stands behind their work. After all, you’re counting on them to make reliable repairs to ensure plumbing doesn’t throw any curveballs in your daily routine. How does a plumber show they have faith in their work? Well, in most cases, the short answer is with a warranty. Reliable commercial plumbers will offer some type of warranty on parts and labor. This should show you, the customer, that they trust the work their plumbers are performing, as well as the quality of the parts being used.

One key caveat on this matter though is drain cleaning. In the plumbing world, it’s tough to warranty this because you don’t have control over what someone may put down that drain in the weeks or months to come. It could’ve been working perfectly fine when the plumber left, but then someone accidentally poured grease down the garbage disposal. The best thing we can do with this is provide advice on preventing the same issue from popping up again!

Ask for Recommendations

While we love marketing here at Stine-Nichols and are thrilled every time we have a brand new customer, we also know there’s nothing better than a referral. Particularly in a bigger market like Kansas City, it can seem a little overwhelming by the number of contractors to choose from. Whether it be an electrician, mechanic or a plumber, be sure to ask around and see who others you know currently use. You’re likely to get much more honest feedback going this route! 

Check Out Reviews

In the true digital age, you can never discount the value of reviews. When it comes to finding a reliable commercial plumber, be sure to start with their Google Reviews. This has become the primary place where most businesses are sending their clients to give their feedback. Additionally, rather than just viewing the number of reviews and stars, take the time to read the responses. Particularly for commercial purposes, you’re likely going to need them a handful of times throughout the year. Look for reviews that highlight dependability, affordability and whether or not they’re working on commercial-focused projects!

Experience in Your Industry!

Experience, by itself, should be at the forefront of any plumber research you conduct. However, for the sake of this blog, we’re going to dive a little deeper and focus on experience in the specific industry in which your business operates. As you’d likely guess, each business can have different plumbing needs based on a variety of factors like health requirements, customers and so on. For example, fixing plumbing issues in an office setting requires slightly different knowledge than doing so in a restaurant. All in all, this is an easy question to ask early on and will save you plenty of potential headaches in the future!

Commercial Plumbers Serving Kansas City!

Here at Stine-Nichols Plumbing, we know how important it is to fix your plumbing issues as quickly as possible. After all, the longer you let them linger, the increased chances there are of losing customers and valuable revenue! Whether it be service or new construction, our commercial team is filled with licensed plumbing professionals that have years (some with decades!) of experience in the plumbing industry. 

To speak with someone from our team, simply give us a call at (816) 348-3481 or fill out the form here. As always, we’re happy to provide a free quote and we currently work throughout the entire Kansas City area, including many of the surrounding cities. We look forward to working with you!

Additionally, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram! We regularly post photos and videos straight from the jobsites. You can expect everything from replacing residential sewer lines to complex commercial/new construction projects and behind-the-scenes action from Stine-Nichols HQ. Here’s a quick glimpse of a couple jobs from the past year:

Iron District in North Kansas City, MO

Throughout the summer of 2019, our team had the opportunity to help out on the construction of this outside food court and retail area built out of repurposed shipping containers! What a cool concept just down the street from our office! It was definitely an innovative idea and one that we loved being a part of! Check out a few images of the completed space below: 

St. Pius X High School Football Field in Kansas City, MO

As a plumber, it’s not every day that you get the chance to help construct a football field from scratch! From the start, this was such an exciting project to watch take shape. Pictured below is an inside look at the bathrooms and concession stands located just beyond one of the end zones.

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