The Iron District Takes Shape

As we kick off 2020, we can’t help but reminisce on some of the projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on this past year! From the new St. Pius X High School football field to Hostess HQ in Lenexa, the list goes on! 2019 was filled with its fair share of water heater replacements, fixture installations and of course some commercial projects throughout the Kansas City area (in addition to July marking our 5th year in business!). Our gratitude to everyone that’s trusted us with their plumbing needs can’t be understated. Residential or commercial, our goal since day one has been to create a seamless process filled with honest results that gets your plumbing issues fixed in no time!

One project, in particular, that was a blast to work on took place at North Kansas City’s hottest new dining/shopping space, the Iron District. Located just down the street from Stine-Nichols HQ, it was so much fun to see this project truly take shape. What started out as just shipping containers spread out on a vacant lot turned out to be a colorful space filled with everything from restaurants to boutiques and networking spaces! We absolutely LOVE the end result! In this week’s blog post, we’ll walk you through the entire process and show you the latest greatest addition to North Kansas City. 

For those wanting to learn more about the Iron District, we encourage you to check out their website HERE. You’ll find links to the various vendors occupying the containers, as well as a backstory behind how co-developers Zach Taylor and Rachel Kennedy Cuevas brought this unique idea to fruition.

And so it began! While there was certainly some work that went on before this, the photos from above date back to the early parts of the summer. The shipping containers spread throughout this lot on the corner of 16th & Iron had been installed. Concrete footings had been poured and work began inside the containers. There was still plenty of work remaining to spice up the space, but it was clear something was in the works and the foundation had been set!

A few weeks passed and our crew was called back on-site. The primary focus would be the tower. For those that haven’t made it out to the Iron District yet, the tower serves as the mechanical room in a sense. It is directly connected with the tiki bar and has a small stage in front. At the time in which these pictures were taken, meters were installed on the right side and we were just about nearing that time for some color to be added to liven up the space!

Bring on the color! It just so happens that the earlier pictures happened to be taken on some gloomy days and with the paint on, you’ll notice the sun was shining bright! It certainly does help in magnifying the remarkable transformation that was made. At this stage, we were deeper into the summer months. Windows were installed on all of the shipping containers, fresh paint was applied, and kitchen equipment was arriving in a hurry! As plumbers, we were busy on-site getting everything installed in the bathrooms! 

With these pictures, you can really see the complete concept starting to take shape. What once looked like just some random shipping containers stacked on top of each other was now resembling something special! Still more work left to go, but it was now getting to the point where a grand opening date could be announced!

And that’s a wrap! It truly was quite the transformation! This unique dining and shopping space known as the Iron District was definitely one of our favorite projects of 2019. Filled with quality vendors, we strongly recommend checking them out the next time you’re in the North Kansas City area. From the courtyard to the deck looking down from above, we’re glad to have them in North Kansas City!

When it comes to food, you’ll see Avobite, B-Rad’s, Kind Food, Morning Day Cafe and Plantain District. Whether you’re looking for something that’s 100% plant-based from Kind Food KC, some comfort food from B-Rad’s or anything else, we’re sure you’ll find a cuisine that matches your needs.

Have a sweet tooth? It’s tough to go wrong with Safe Bakes or Sno Buh from Ice Cream Bae. Both have menus filled with delicious options and will leave you coming back for more!

Drinks? The Iron District has you covered there as well, with the fun tiki-themed bar known as Tiki Huna!

Shop while you eat! As we mentioned in the opening, the Iron District offers more than just food and drinks with their fun retail shopping opportunities. They certainly have some nice diversity here, with options for multiple styles. When you stop by, you’ll see 3 & Me Boutique, Boheme KC and Wasteland Society.

Last, but not least, can we show some appreciation for the amazing artwork on the sides of a few of the shipping containers facing the street? It’s hard to miss it when you drive by and you’ll even notice one that one mural shows some Kansas City love with the KC skyline.

All in all, the Iron District certainly has something for everyone! It was amazing to see it evolve first-hand and we were honored to have had the opportunity to cover the plumbing portion of it! Seeing a vision evolve from a concept to a finished product is a major aspect behind every small business. Kudos to the entire team behind the Iron District for making this vision a reality. It certainly is yet another reason why North Kansas City has quickly been on the rise over the last handful of years!

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If you would like to see more before & after content, let us know in the comments! For our team, it’s always a blast seeing projects go from just blueprints on paper to something tangible!

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