Hot Water Heater 101

Ever wake up in the morning to a cold shower? We have and it’s definitely not the best way to kick off the day. It’s one of those issues that you want fixed ASAP and taken care of the first time around. While some plumbing issues can be DIY projects, a hot water heater certainly isn’t one of them.

As we enter the winter season, we often get asked how you can tell if a water heater is about ready to kick the bucket? Here’s a quick checklist to keep handy:

  1. Age of Water Heater – Most tank style water heaters are going to last roughly 8-10 years. It could be good for longer, but just keep in mind that the end is likely inevitable. On the otherhand, tankless water heaters are much more durable and can easily last over 20 years.
  2. Getting Loud – If your heater starts making loud noises and rumblings when heating up, it’s likely almost done. The heater will be working harder, thus using more electricity (and costing you more money), to perform it’s same functions at a less-efficient rate.
  3. Sprung a Leak – If you ever notice some water spewing from your tank, immediately shut it off. This typically occurs in older homes, but is a sign that a replacement is needed. This comes from corrosion within the water tank. Worst case scenario here would be flooding your entire basement!
  4. Rusty Water – Hopefully, you never have to experience this one! But if you ever notice a rust color in your water, call a plumber right away! When a tank gets older, the inside may start to rust and eventually chip away into the water.

Any Expert Tips?
Luckily, there’s one simple trick that can go a long way toward preserving the life of your hot water heater. This is the annual flushing. It’s easy to just ignore this, but it can be a huge cost-saver in the long-run. The primary goal behind this is flushing out all the sediment that builds up at the bottom of your tank.

At the end of the day, hot water is something we all take for granted on a daily basis. You expect it to be there when you take a hot shower, start washing dishes, and so on. So, when it randomly goes missing, it can definitely be frustrating! 

If you ever have a hot water tank issue, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll have a replacement/repair expert out there in no time to get it taken care of.

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